MacGregor?s Top 10 tips for a great music session

Sessions are where musicians come together to share tunes and songs. They are NOT performances, more a social gathering for fun.[…]
MacGregor?s Top 10 tips for a great music session
1. Sessions are social gatherings so take time to chat to one another, find out who is next to you and make friends.
2. It?s not a performance ? it?s a chance to play tunes and hear new music. On the other hand, it?s not a practice session! If you don?t know it listen and learn ? record it.
3. Don?t hog the space; share and interact.
4. Listening is just as important as playing.
5. Guitars and percussion – the key word is sensitivity!
6. Scottish music is full of variety ? airs, waltzes, strathspeys, jigs, marches, reels and of course, songs!
7. Encourage each other to take the lead in a set. Try and get people to sing. Alternative songs and tunes are just superb fun and also challenge the musicians to listen and perhaps play along (sympathetically!!)
8. The best sessions are normally smaller in number. Take turns at coming in and out of the sessions. More than 5 and it can get messy and difficult to hear
9. If you are ?leading? a session you are the glue, the person who encourages and cajoles but also has to have a quiet word with the session ?belter? ( A belter is someone who plays through everything with little sensitivity or thought to the overall feel). With leadership comes responsibility!

Source: MacGregor’s Bar Inverness | Music Sessions

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