Alba whistles handcrafted in Scotland


Brzmienie whistle między sobą nie różnią “aż tak bardzo” ale jednak jest różnica… jest ona między innymi konsekwencją kształtu ostrza gwizdka, planuję taki dla porównania 🙂

Every Alba whistle is made from a high grade aluminium alloy and has a fipple plug made of albanite. The plug comes in a variety of colours but as the colours vary from batch to batch, unfortunately they cannot be specified with your order. All whistles feature a curved windway to reduce moisture problems. All keys are available as tuneable versions with the soprano available as a non-tunable whistle.

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Znaleziono najstarszy znany dotąd instrument: fujarkę :)

Professor Nicholas Conard of the University in Tuebingen shows a flute during a press conference in Tuebingen, southern Germany, on Wednesday.The thin bird-bone flute carved some 35,000 years ago and unearthed in a German cave is the oldest handcrafted musical instrument yet discovered.

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