What is a session?

There is no strict definition of a “session”. They are essentially dynamic and organic informal music and social events. They provide an opportunity for traditional musicians and singers to swap ideas, to learn new tunes and songs, to blether, to play and sing together, and to welcome other musicians, singers and all into the fold.

Sessions are inclusive they do not have “artists and audience”, everyone is a participant. Sessions are not concerts or “gigs” (which are usually formal and amplified performances). A session is not a performance; it is a social event with music and song in which everyone can participate. Sessions give visitors to Scotland an authentic experience of Scotlands indigenous musical culture.

Source: Folk music sessions | Bankfoot Inn, Perthshire Hotel

The Perthshire Amber Festival – Programme

Programme 2019

*Please Note*Events and activities and the Acoustic Music Sessions  can be added all the way up to the start of the festival. Artists and venues can change….though any changes will be announced well in advance of the festival. Click on items in the drop down box under TICKETS to book tickets from 4pm (UK time) on Tuesday 14th May 2019.

Source: Programme