Short history…

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The Irish Connection – Dowspuda 2002

Celtic classic with my whistle in background…

The Kesh Jig
Dirty Old Town
Spancil Hill

Etno ambient

Wypieki Kultury Club – November 2013

Wypieki Kultury Club – August 2013

PracoVnia Club – December 2010

W tym klubie w latach 2006-2011 byłem stałym bywalcem, przez pewien okres co miesiąc odbywały się tu moje niedzielne koncerty, oto jeden z nich, jedyny nagrany w całości (czas: 90 minut):

PraCoVnia Club 2006 – music background for poems Sen Proroka

Monika Gąsiorek wiersze, Witt Wilczyński recytacja

Diuna Club Warszawa 2004 – flutes and synthesizer

To nagrania z typowych dla mnie improwizowanych koncertów klubowych granych z zaproszonymi gośćmi. Byli wśród nich: Maciek Cierliński ([[lira korbowa]]), India Czajkowska (śpiew, głosy), Miriam Walewska ([[altówka]], głosy), Wojtek Mazurkiewicz ([[tabla]]).


A few songs that didn't catch on anywhere… ;)

PraCoVnia Club 2006 – flutes and sampler

Videos this time, unfortunately to download to disk and play (they are large files).

Some Celtic’s

The Irish Connection] were Scottish ballads, then there was Meltrad punk celtic songs. Unfortunately the first group fell apart and professional matters didn’t allow me to play with Metrad, with whom I still sometimes play 🙂 (for which I thank them very much, but I don’t have any recordings with them).

The Irish Connection – Dowspuda Festival 2002

Selected recordings from Celtic Music Festival Dowspuda 2002, recordings straight from console so their quality is not the best…



Electronic – (1998 – 2003) – synthesizer

In the years 1998-2003 the songs were created at home with the help of the keyboard and synthesizer, then “to drawer”. They were created under the influence of many different emotions (which is easy to recognize ;)). I decided to “dig them out” because I thought they should see the light of day and each of us has our own emotions and can easily match them. They are all extremely different but they all have one thing in common: each has a constant, rhythmic, more or less trance background and one, main, improvised melody line. So you can listen to it in a completely random way from case to case and every track is different.


(all songs to be downloaded together as one ZIP archive ZIP 250MB)

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