10 of the most disturbing folk songs in history – BBC Music

Like all good stories, folk music is largely about three things: sex, death and politics. There might be a lot of carousing along the way, and there may be some discussion of farming or the occasional comedic skit to tickle your fancy, but the principal themes remain constant and they are always delivered with rude gusto. So, as we head towards this year’s Radio 2 Folk Awards, here are 10 examples of songs that go beyond the bounds of human decency (and are all the better for it)

Source: 10 of the most disturbing folk songs in history – BBC Music

Scottish Country Dancing

This Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) website is intended as a reference to the traditional dancing of Scotland. It contains two main elements: ? Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs which provides succinct descriptions of over 5000 Scottish Country Dances in a form readily accessible to the preparer of a dance programme; ? Comprehensive DICTIONARY Of Dance Terms which provides detailed definitions of the formal terms used in those instructions and by Scottish Country Dancers and teachers.

Source: Scottish Country Dancing