Karen Steven – scottish music workshop

Belfast Jig

  • Phrasing
  • Slur across the bar
  • Bow off the string
  • Open string drone
  • Hammer-On
  • Off string/hammer-on/open-string drone – end measure

Frost is all Over

  • Bow off the string
  • Crotichet v triplet
  • Hammer-On
  • Open-string Drone
  • Chords/Hold in Melody
  • Drop some notes on 2nd ending
  • Slurred Quavers

Little Cascade

  • Short single bow strokes
  • Rhythmic/Pipey
  • Finger Economy – fiddles
  • Stand-out notes
  • Harmony touch
  • Rhythm play

Clumsy Lover

  • Slurred paired quavers across string
  • Slurred end of measure 1
  • Hammer-On Measure 2
  • Open String Drone
  • Finger Economy

Additional to learn…

5 Tune Friday

Hi there,

We’re back with another edition of “5 Tune Friday.”

Want to take your knowledge of trad music to the next level? Or looking to be “session-ready” with a wide repertoire of tunes under your belt?

This is your weekly chance to do that.

And for this week’s edition, we’re turning once again to Irishtune.info.

They’ve done a tremendous job in figuring out which Irish tunes were the most recorded over various decades.

This week, you’ll see the top 5 most recorded tunes of one of my favorite decades of Irish trad music, the 1970s.

This decade was a regular renaissance. Featuring my favorite album, The Bothy Band’s “1975,” and countless other classics, the 1970s was a peak time for Irish trad music.

By analyzing 3,205 tune recordings during the 1970s, IrishTune.info found a total of 1,567 unique tunes.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most recorded tunes below for you. The left link will give you the sheet music + ABC notation. And the right link will take you to a recording.

Start playing any of these tunes, and you’ll be in great shape at your next session.
Pigeon on the Gate — Sheet Music + ABC — Recording
Bunch of Keys — Sheet Music + ABC — Recording
College Groves — Sheet Music + ABC — Recording
Bucks of Oranmore — Sheet Music + ABC — Recording
Green Groves of Erin — Sheet Music + ABC — Recording
Slán go fóill,