Drouthy Neebors

Polecam zespół i płytę :), spędziłem z  nimi kilka godzin w pubie Captains w Edynburgu, przy piwie i fletach :).

Właśnie wydali swoje nagrania:

The journey to this, our first album, has been a truly enjoyable experience, involving collaborations with friends, fellow musicians, artists, and other bands. Through the stories and the tales told by the songs and their creators, we have reconnected with the history and rich traditions of Scotland, from Robert Burns to Dougie Maclean, from the past to the present. Many of the themes, whilst rooted in our nation?s past, have huge relevance in the present day. We hope you enjoy the end result – thank you for supporting us!
released May 17, 2018

Alan Lumsden – guitar, bodhran and vocals
Chippy McFarlane – guitar, classical guitar and vocals
Steve Shields – low & high D whistles, flute, bodhran and vocals

Collaborating Artists

Dougie Mathieson – bass and keyboards
Mags Nisbet Macfarlane – backing vocals, & main vocals on “Sally Free & Easy”

Album sleeve artwork and design by Mags Nisbet Macfarlane

Recorded in Edinburgh at The Leith Recording Company
by Allan Moffat and Davie Blades

Eternal gratitude to our long suffering musical widows-
Debbie Halliday, Mags McFarlane, and Jocelyn Lumsden!

May 2018

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