Traditional Song and Tunes Session, Canons’ Gait

Na sesjach, na których się śpiewa także warto oczywiście znać “repertuar”.  Co prawda na szkockich sesjach improwizacja w tle ballad jest OK, ale trzeba znać i te ballady i zasady etyki :), inne niż tradycyjne szkockie też są 🙂  

Traditional Song and Tunes Session, Canons’ Gait, 14 July 2019

Singer; Song (Writer)

  • Bob Murray; Fiddler’s Green (John Conolly)
  • Fiona Harrison; Time Wears Awa (Trad.)
  • Nick Kelly; Jacky (Jacques Brel and Gérard Jouannest)
  • Duncan Sutherland; Winter Sun (Gill Bowman/Ivan Drever)
  • Russ Clare; Ratcliffe Highway (Trad.) [unusually, all of us were playing accompanying instruments – often we’re about half ?a capella?]
  • Bob Murray; Thomas Muir of Huntershill (Adam McNaughtan) [this because there had been suggestions in advance that we might somehow mark Bastille Day – this is loosely linked !]
  • Fiona Harrison; Van Diemen’s Land (U2)
  • Nick Kelly; Rocky Road to Dublin [an impressive rendering of a difficult song !]
  • Duncan Sutherland; Whaur dae ye Lie (Karine Polwart)
  • Russ Clare; Tomorrow is a Long Time (Bob Dylan)
  • Bob Murray; Scots, Wha Hae [second nod to Bastille Day, even more tenuous]
  • Fiona Harrison; Barrack Street (Trad.)
  • Nick Kelly; It Was a Very Good Year (Ervin Drake)
  • Duncan Sutherland; Dear Green Place (Alan Reid)
  • Russ Clare; Jim Jones (Trad.) [Russ by this point is certainly helping to maintain the ?traditional? element]
  • Bob Murray; Let the Mystery Be (Iris De Ment)
  • Fiona Harrison; Waking Hour (David Francey) 
  • Duncan Sutherland; Bright Blue Rose (Jimmy McCarthy)
  • Russ Clare; Green Man (Maria Cunningham)
  • Bob Murray; WE All Said Stop The War (Robb Johnson)
  • Fiona Harrison; Westlin Winds (Robert Burns)
  • Duncan Sutherland; Green and the Blue (Alan Reid)
  • Russ Clare; Do Something Different (Russ Clare) [Russ explained that he’d written this on the train to Edinburgh on his way to the session. A Climate Emergency song, it was by far the shortest song of the day.]
  • Bob Murray; No Regrets (Tom Rush)
  • Fiona Harrison; Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson)
  • Duncan Sutherland; Song for Mira (Al McGilvaray)
  • Russ Clare; Adieu, Adieu (Trad.)
  • Bob Murray; Parcel of Rogues (Robert Burns) [It was now down to the inner hard core….]
  • Fiona Harrison; Loch Tay Boat Song (Trad. ?)
  • Bob Murray; Freedom Come All Ye (Hamish Henderson)
  • Fiona Harrison; The Poorest Company (John McCusker)
  • Bob Murray; Virginia (Trad.) [and it then descended into some kind of unrecorded song-based anarchy for the last few minutes]

Source: Gait