Kaba to specjalna technika gry na kavalu, polega na wydobyciu dwóch tonów jednocześnie odległych o oktawę…

Kaba (kah-BAH) is a technique for playing the low notes an octave below the “normal” register. These low notes from D to B can be played by blowing softly, but they are rather weak. Kaba involves sounding the low note and the one an octave above it at the same time. The result doesn’t sound like two notes, but rather like the low note with a bright reedy timbre like a clarinet. This capability of the kaval distinguishes it from most other flutes, and kaval players who can fluently make kaba are esteemed. It is difficult to play kaba, and the technique for each person is different because it involves subtle formations with the lips. You should listen to a good recording of kaval music from Bulgaria to appreciate this sound. (I like Balkanton BHA 10134, with Stoyan Velichkov playing with a folk orchestra. It’s an LP and currently available 6/91. The flip side is Kostadin Varimesov playing gaida with the orchestra.)

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Czeka mnie dużo ćwiczeń 😉 …

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